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Hearing Aid Fitting

Hearing rehabilitation in the form of hearing aids can seem intimidating. You will work together with Dr. Hough to determine your needs and select the proper hearing aid technology to meet those specific needs in a comfortable atmosphere. At your fitting, your hearing aids will be programmed for your hearing loss and comfort and tested with speech mapping. You will also learn how to handle and maintain your devices.

As cost and benefits must be weighed by each individual, we offer a month long trial for each set of hearing aids. During this time you will continue to meet with Dr. Hough for reprogramming and counseling during this adjustment period. By the end of the month long trial you will make the determination if your hearing aids are meeting your needs and expectations. If not, you will receive a full refund minus a $100 fitting fee. There are many factors involved in hearing rehabilitation including handling and care of the devices, comfort and cosmetics, adjustment to amplified sounds and of course making speech sounds audible for understanding conversation. During the entire rehabilitation process Dr. Hough puts a high priority on your subjective experience and concerns while encouraging you in your adjustment toward better hearing.