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Welcome to The Audiology Center

Hearing Care by Hough specializes in hearing rehabilitation for mature adults.

The prevalence of hearing loss is astounding. Roughly 10% of the general population is affected by this disease with well over 30% of those over the age of 65, and over half in their eighties. It’s the third most prevalent chronic disease among the aging. So we call hearing loss the silent hurt.

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Our Services

We employ a Unique Process in treating your individual hearing condition.

A Friendly Reception

You'll be greeted & served by Laina, our office coordinator - she'll help you with your paperwork, insurance and offer some coffee or water. We can’t wait for you to visit!


Needs Assessment

Filling out our history form helps us understand your reasons for your visit. This is a vital part of our service to address your hearing health care.

Professional Consultation

Our 'needs assessment' helps you, the patient, and Dr. Hough create an individual profile that not only identifies who and where you may not be hearing well, but establishes where we are, where we're going and if we arrive at your goal of better hearing

Ear Exam

Otoscopy is used to inspect the ear canal and eardrum. If indicated, Dr. Hough might remove earwax and debris from the ear canal. Diseases of the middle ear may be observed through the translucent eardrum.

Audiometric Testing

The audiogram uses speech and tones presented to the listener to test hearing and understanding. A full assessment by a professional is needed for an accurate diagnosis prior to rehabilitation

Hearing Aid Fitting

If indicated, hearing aids may be ordered during your intitial visit and fitted a couple of days later. There is a $100 non-refundable fitting fee, but the cost of the hearing aids is fully refundable during a month long trial if you don't appreciate significant benefit.


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Audiologist vs Hearing Instrument Specialist

Hearing Survey

Online Hearing Survey

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