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Hearing Aid Technology

Since the introduction of the miniature digital circuit into the hearing aid a myriad of advancements have taken place. Here are four key developments:

1. Noise Suppression

With the digital signal processor has come the ability for a hearing aid to identify the difference between speech and noise. The most advanced computer chips in our hearing aids process information so fast that they can identify surrounding noise and suppress it within milliseconds.

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2. Directionality

Typically, in the presence of background speech or noise the listener wants to hear the speaker they are facing. Directional microphones controlled by digital processors have the ability to apply multiple and adaptive nodes of suppression around a focused amplification.

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3. Feedback Suppression

The most common problem reported by hearing impaired people is understanding in the presence of background noise.

Hearing aids can effectively deal with most background noise!

Feedback is the bothersome whistling sound that can be heard from hearing aids on occasion. Digital hearing aids can perceive feedback and invert and shift it to cancel this feedback out. This has enabled the OPEN FITTING with an open earpiece that is not only comfortable but more natural in its sound quality.

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4. Wireless

Modern digital hearing aids utilize wireless connectivity as never before - communication with Bluetooth devices, communication with external microphones, communication between left and right hearing aids, even programming remotely. The wireless communication can enhance understanding in difficult listening situations.

'I hear, but I don't understand.'

Most hearing impaired people have a high frequency hearing loss with this common complaint. The open fit hearing aids with effective high pitch amplification and feedback suppression typically offer the solution to this problem.

"Rehabilitation" - the appropriate term used in the treatment of hearing loss with hearing aids - adapting to hearing aids is not easy, but benefits can be significant and well worth the effort!