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Our Audiologist

Dr. David Hough

Dr. David Hough
PhD Audiologist CCC-A

In the past the entry level audiologist had a Master's degree from a university, but today an audiologist graduates with a doctoral level degree called an AuD which stands for doctor of audiology. This degree requires coursework lasting four years after a four year bachelor's degree. After acquiring the AuD the graduate must successfully complete a year long fellowship to be awarded the certificate of clinical competence or CCC for a total of 9 years of study.

The field of audiology is quite broad encompassing clinical hearing and balance diagnostic testing, industrial audiology, and hearing and vestibular rehabilitation.

Dr. David Hough received his audiology degree in 1991 and his PhD in audiology in 1999. From 1996 until 2006 he worked as part owner and manager of Audio Recovery, the hearing aid dispensary at the Hough Ear Institute building. During this time he also served as the director of audiology at Otologic Medical Clinic. During the year 2007 he and his family traveled to New Zealand to live and work down under in Kiwiland for one year. His desire to serve others with the gifts and talents God has given him has led him to open Hearing Care by Hough. Believing each of us has been given 'ears to hear' David's chief goal is to help those with hearing impairment by applying advanced amplification devices for improved communication. Dr. Hough still works part-time at the Cochlear Implant Clinic at Integris Baptist Medical Center, as well, helping patients with middle ear implants and bone conduction implants.

"Your ear is a miraculous, complicated organ. For an accurate assessment of your hearing and, if appropriate, proper fitting of modern, sophisticated hearing aid technology, you should entrust your hearing health care to a professional."